In Person Classes


452 W. Dearborn St, Englewood, FL 34287

Every Saturday Morning  •  9am to Noon  •  RSVP  •  All Supplies Included  •  $35 per class


I've been teaching oil painting for years and I try to treat each student as an individual, making it a priority to identify each person's unique ability rather than teach a single method.


If you want to paint loose, fresh and fast with thick paint, it's wonderfully expressive and great for capturing moving light, it's called direct painting or Alla Prima.


Or maybe your speed is a bit slower, starting with an underpainting and then layering your color thinly over the top like the old masters did, that's how I usually start but then I can move into some thicker layers.


It's all good. The thin painting method, often using glazes is called indirect painting or sometimes just classical painting. In my own work I paint with kind of a hybrid of thick and thin paint.


I want to help you become the painter you want to be and most importantly I'd like to help you learn how to enjoy painting rather than be frustrated when you sit down to work. 

We'll concentrate on color values and color mixing. Week by week you'll add whatever tools, knowledge, and techniques you need to get where you want to go.


I'll meet you where you are, whether it's absolute beginner, advanced, or somewhere in between. Most people can't believe how improved they feel their work is after just a few classes. These are techniques we're learning in here, they've been handed down for centuries, they just take a bit of practice to master. Time and patience and you'll have it. It's not magic, no one is born knowing this stuff. Trust me, anyone who wants to can paint, it just takes patience and practice. 


I've had students come in that didn't think they had talent and within a couple weeks we've discovered they had a sense of color that was mind blowing or their brush strokes were masterful and they were painting up a storm in no time. It's always amazing to see where people's hidden talents lie. If you have the desire to paint, that's what matters. We can all do this and enjoy it. Painting is good for the soul.

To sign up for the Saturday Lemon Bay class, email me directly for more info. This is a local weekly class, there is no Zoom option.